Can Thyroid Problems Cause Hair loss?

Can Thyroid Problems Cause Hair loss?

Hair loss is a menacing problem. Scalp Micro UK can help you in dealing with hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by many factors and one such factor is thyroid disease. Imbalance of hormones can disrupt hair growth cycles and cause hair loss.

Thyroid problems and hair loss

There are two types of thyroid problems. One is hypothyroidism, when the thyroid does not produce sufficient hormones. The other is hyperthyroidism, when the thyroid produces excessive hormones. This hormonal imbalance inhibits hair development. The roots of hair become weak and it leads to hair loss. The hair growth cycle is also affected by the imbalance of hormones so the lost hair is not replaced by new ones. 

An autoimmune disease called Alopecia is also related to thyroid problems. This disease can cause hair loss in patches. In extreme cases it can even cause baldness. Severe cases of Alopecia can cause hair loss on other parts of the body like eyebrows and around the pubic area. The medicines used to treat thyroid problems also have adverse effects on the hair. Thinning of hair is a common side effect of thyroid treatment.


There is no sudden hair loss. But you may notice thinning of hair. Thyroid related hair loss is generally accompanied by other symptoms of thyroid problems such as depression, constipation, dry skin, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, anxiety, difficulty in sleeping, nervousness and excessive sweating. If you experience these symptoms along with hair loss then consult a professional for thyroid check up.


The hair loss due to thyroid problems is generally temporary. Thyroid problems can be managed with proper treatment. You should consult a doctor and they can provide medication for thyroid problems. Even with treatment, hair re-growth can take several months. In some cases surgery can be needed to cure the disease. You can try some home remedies to treat thyroid problems. Keep your iodine intake in check to prevent hormonal imbalance. Massaging the head with essential oils can also promote hair growth as they have antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

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