What are the Different Microblading Styles?

What are the Different Microblading Styles?

As reported by Marcia, microblading gives an illusion of fuller and fluffy eyebrows. There are many different microblading styles for eyebrows. These styles are basically variations of microblading. Eyebrows frame the face. Well shaped eyebrows provide symmetry and balance to give a youthful look.


This technique is also called eyebrow embroidery. In this method, professionals use very fine needles to inject the skin with some pigments. These pigments only reach upper layers of the skin, so microblading is not permanent. It fades away over time but still has an impressive lifespan which may extend up to three years. The fine tip of the needle replicates natural looking hair strokes. You should consult an expert while selecting the colour of pigments to use for microblading. Dark black, light brown or other similar shades can be used to complement your complexion. Microblading is ideal for those looking to have a natural brow look.


This style is a variation of microblading. Microfeathering is ideal for light fill ups in the natural eyebrows. This technique was pioneered by Kristie Streicher. In microfeathering no needles are used and the artist uses a very fine blade to create tiny incisions in the skin. These incisions are implanted with pigments and it creates an illusion of natural looking eyebrow hair. Microfeathering is a little expensive. It does not last as long as microblading. Microfeathering usually fades away in eight to twelve months.


This style is also considerably similar to microblading, but the technique used to cover eyebrows by microshading is a bit different. Instead of creating hair strokes, small repetitive pin points are created on the brow area. Pigments are injected into these pin points to create fuller eyebrows. This technique allows the pigments to settle better in oily and sensitive skin. It gives a semi-permanent look and is also called Powder brows. Microshaded brows require less maintenance and can last as long as microbladed brows. 

You can also go for 3D hair simulated brows, ombre brows and henna brows. Each style will give a unique look to your eyebrows.

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